First Time Home Buyers

Our team is here to help you find your first home!

We understand that buying your first home can feel overwhelming, scary, but we are here to help you feel safe, stress free and excited as you buy your first home!

Ensuring you have the right experienced professionals is critical to making the experience feel how you want it to. Our team works closely together to provide you with all the support and knowledge you need to make this process as stress free as possible.

What is affordable?

Housing affordability has become quite challenging for many in the Okanagan and other areas. You will know your own comfort levels for monthly housing payments.  Lenders have their own required criteria as well, which is based on income and deby levels. In general the total deby should not exceed 40% of income, and 32% for the housing portion. If you have not discussed your qualifying with a lender or mortgage broker, then let us help you get started.

Personalized Property Emails

Are you interested in a specific neighbourhood, style of home and price point? Let us take the stress off of searching for you and customize a personalized report that will send you updated listings to match your criteria as frequently as you want.

Tell us a bit more about your wish list, and we will set you up with a no obligation email